Portfolio Management Championship

Portfolio Management Championship

We are excited to announce this unique opportunity with our partners from Financial Shared Brains ❗❗

It will consist of a Portfolio Management Championship, open to all university students. Teams are of a minimum of 3 members, with registration open until the 15th of November.

✨ You have to manage 3 mandates of allocations during 5 months with different challenges indexed on the maximum drawdown (MDD).

✨ There is no price involved as it's free and open to international for Financial Shared Brains partners.

✨ The end of the Championship is previewed on 25 the March. It will all be conducted in an online platform, with a preview to be organised for those interested.

✨ It's a buy and hold strategy, not a trading competition. You can have access to all risks indicators and breakdowns per cap or sectors, analyze vol spreads ect, e.g. a 360 overview.

✨ This year, because the trophies are wonderful, the winners of the Liliane challenge will be offered a complete stay in a premium five-star hostel.

Don't miss this opportunity and sign up here: https://lnkd.in/dcds6TJ3.

Any questions, feel free to reach out at contact@financialsharedbrains.com or uclhedgefund@gmail.com 📈